University cons.

I think university can come with a huge number of cons and where everyone will glamorise it on YouTube, trying to get everyone excited for it, we forget about the sad things that come along with it.

Of course I’m excited to go to university and meet new people while studying the course I’ve always wanted. But, There’s a part of me that hates the idea. When you’ve been so used to a life surrounded by a partner, a pet, friends and family, it can become quite daunting that the choice of university, something that’s meant to be exciting, can make you feel so sad.

It’s going to be tough, not having the comfort of my dog and family around me while I go through the upset. But I know that being around people should help me and distract me.

People don’t often talk about the sadness university can bring, and it can make you feel like you’re alone.

But I’m trying to remember that everyone will be missing someone and looking for friend.

Liv x


Paris – a dream come true.

This summer, after years of waiting, I finally went to Paris. I’d always wanted to go but when it actually came to it, I was a bit nervous that it wouldn’t live up to my expectations, but I was most definitely wrong.


To me, Paris was always the city for fashion and somewhere I always wanted to experience. Over the four days, my boyfriend and I tried to see and experience as much of Paris as we could. The buildings are beautiful and the architecture is just overwhelming. Of course, the Eiffel Tower did not disappoint. As we approached it it almost didn’t look real! We chose to walk it, which probably wasn’t the best idea in the heat but it was quick and the view was worth it.

As for sightseeing, we also went to the Louvre and saw the Mona Lisa, which was actually a lot smaller than I thought. We also did a lot of walking, just to experience the atmosphere and came across such lovely places! Also, managed to accidentally stumble upon Notre Dame, and by stumble I mean literally fall onto it..oops!

One of my favourite things about this trip was definitely the food! Being able to eat out three times a day was a treat and it was divine. I loved the crepes, pasta, chips, coffee and everywhere did amazing mojitios!!! What more can you ask for? Everything tastes better in France!

Trying creme brule and mojito ice cream was interesting, and I definitely enjoyed both! I was most excited to go into a bakery and buy fresh macaroons but it was actually shocking to see that not many places actually did them! I was really looking forward to shopping but didn’t find anything I liked! We did go to a lot of different shopping centres and towns, I think I’m just too fussy!


I had such an amazing time in Paris! Experiencing the French atmosphere and food in the blazing sun was such a treat. Even if the Metro was a bit stressful, especially when everyone started hurrying off but we didn’t understand the message! I can’t wait to go back, hopefully in uni, and I’m even considering doing a term over there! It’s a city I can see myself living in. I have found my place.

Liv x

My December 2017 wrapped up!

December has been a crazy month for me and has definitely left my bank account crying! Although its been super busy, I have had such a fun time and it was a really nice way to end the year.

At the beginning of December me and two friends, Niamh and Beth, decided to take a trip to Bristol to see Scouting For Girls in the O2. It was a really good night and they performed amazing, the only issue was having to wait two hours in the freezing cold for our bus back!!

A week later I headed off to the Cirque Du Soul event in Cardiff SU which we were all really excited for, mainly so we could dress up and wear glitter! I actually wore a lilac bralet that I purchased from Truck in summer and a suede skirt that I found in a charity shop when I went away. It’s honestly so so flattering and perfectly matches the colour of the bralet. It was a good night and I will definitely be going again but I would explore every room and not stay in the same because they all had different music.

Literally the day after this I was travelling to Bristol to meet my friend Ella so we could head to London to see Kodaline! When I bought my ticket for the Cirque event I actually didn’t realise that it was the day before I was going up to London, which required lots of travelling and I’m never usually good after a night out on transport the next day but I was okay thankfully! I got the bus to Bristol to meet her and then we got another bus to London and it was such a long trip. I think it seemed even longer because we weren’t able to sit by each other. But when we did finally arrive it didn’t take us long to get back to our hotel and head to Brixton! We actually got lost and ended up seeing Buckingham Palace (really not sure how)!! Kodaline were obviously amazing but it was a shame the crowd was quite dead and didn’t really move a lot:( b6

The next day we had to lug our suitcases around, which may not sound that bad but London is so so busy and it didn’t help that Ella’s handle had broken! We first went to Hyde Park to see the Winter Wonderland. It was really pretty and decorated but it was way too early to get the full affect as none of the lights were on. We didn’t stay there long because we were so eager to go and shop! We went to Oxford Street and literally went into every single shop!!! Sadly didn’t find anything but we had fun! The last place we went was Leicester Square and got food in a pizza hut We did want to have more of a look round but it started raining heavy so we headed back to the station. On the way back I was meant to be getting off at Bristol for another change over but we had no idea the bus actually went to Cardiff and luckily they let me stay on for free!

When I got back home it wasn’t long till I was back out, this time it was my works Christmas party! It was a really good night but it’s always weird seeing people outside of work, especially if they’re those people you only associate with in work! However, I spent way too much money and had nothing to show for it in the end. The best part was definitely being able to sing our hearts out to all the cringey Christmas tunes and when they had fake snow!!

I had about three or four days to recover from my mad week until my friends and I were all exchanging our gifts. We decided to do a Secret Santa because having to buy for seven friends costs a lot of money but it’s also more exciting to not know who’s got you! I had my friend Elle who loves to party so I got her a cocktail shaker with a mini vodka and glass, with chocolates too. My friend Meg had me and she got me a stunning metallic eye-shadow, with Buenos (my favourites) and a cute pug sign. I was so grateful for my gift and the eye-shadow is so pigmented! b13

I also received my Truck Festival Christmas jumper which i absolutely love!! This was just in time for Christmas and you got it if you purchased the Christmas edition. My parents got me a ticket as a main gift and it came with the jumper. So, yes, I will be going back to Truck in 2018!!b14

Overall I have had an amazing end to the year and I’m so grateful for all the trips and experiences I’ve been given. I loved each and every present I had and I was thrilled giving my family the gifts I got them. The one I was most excited about was giving my dog his popcorn toy which he loved! It’s been a wild year! Bring on 2018!

Liv x

Truck Festival 2017

As this is my first blog post I wanted to share with you one of my most favourite memories from this year! In July, I attended Truck Fest, which may not be a very known festival as I hadn’t even heard of it till i decided to go. It’s held in Oxfordshire and lasted three days, obviously we were lucky enough to be blessed with typical weather and it rained majority of the weekend.


It was really nice being able to leave all the exam stress behind and head straight to a fun weekend away with my friends. Packing was so so hard because I ended up taking so mjuch pointless things that I didn’t even use! For food I literally brought biscuits and after that weekend I’ve never wanted to look at another. As me and my friends were all under 18 at the time I decided to fill a huge lemonade bottle up with vodka lemonade cans and cut off the bottle lid but replacing it with another that I had taken off with boiling water, which I had read online. It  The journey there was quite long as we got a train, then had to wait hours for a shuttle bus to take us outside the festival (which ended up being a 40 minute walk). When we got there we were really limited to space to put up our tents, so we just parked them on the first bit of grass we saw.

On the first night I saw Franz Ferdinand, which honestly were one of my favourites over the whole weekend and Slaves and then ended up in the rave tent with Idris Elba! I also managed to catch a glimpse of High Tyde before rushing back over to the main stage, I was gutted I missed LeBoom.


Saturday consisted of shopping around the stalls and watching Mr Motivator do some crazy routines.  There were so many playing that night from The Libertines and The Wombats to Nothing But Thieves, Sundara Karma and Will Joseph Cook. I did miss a lot of acts that day but its actually really hard to keep track of when everyone’s playing, because it was small you could literally hear a song you knew and rush to the tents.  We also got stuck in the paint party and it literally covered my face! It all came out of nowhere and everyone started throwing it at each other!

On Sunday everyone woke up pretty dead and we just sat drinking for about four hours in our camp chairs saying nothing to each other! We were all really really drunk and struggling with it, I was falling everywhere.. That was until we had to head down to see my favourite band for the first time, Twin Atlantic. It was amazing seeing them and I actually cried. I was lucky enough to get on someone’s shoulders just as Sam (lead singer) crowd surfed for him to point at me! Obviously there were loads of good acts that night and over the whole weekend like The Vaccines, Cabbage etc but I was honestly out of it most of the time.

The whole weekend consisted of glitter and crazy outfits, pineapple tops, feather boas, flower necklaces, bucket hats and of course gems!

I think I will definitely consider going again next year but alongside a bigger festival. It’s a great first time festival because everything is really close and it’s a reasonable price. It’s also right at the beginning of summer so you can save up for another.

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Liv x